Tales from the front line: Everything you wanted to know about “trafficking” but didn’t know whom to ask

Melissa Ditmore, Melissa Gira Grant #ccontrafficking CatalystCon East, Sunday March 17, 2013


  1. “Human trafficking” is a current buzzword and everyone is “against” trafficking but few have good information about what this means. Panelists will explain what trafficking is, what this means in the US and elsewhere, and how this can play out here and where the US promotes anti-trafficking law. Real-life examples including trafficking for labor and for commercial sex will be used. Information presented will be based on research and experience delivering direct services and advocating for good policy and action. We will discuss the passage and implementation of Prop 35 in California, which makes sex workers and others “sex offenders,” with examples from its impact upon sex workers, their clients and people ancillary to the industry.