Strange Bedfellows: Joining the Sex-Positive Community and People of Faith

Dawn Fortune #cconfaith CatalystCon West - 2014


  1. Frequently, sex educators encounter resistance to our work from people who base that resistance in their religious beliefs and values. We, as sex-positive people, often lack the language that would allow the most productive conversation. Many sex educators and religious leaders share some basic common goals: a better world to live in, where people are healthy and happy and children can grow and flourish. The difference in the details of how to best achieve those goals is where things break down.

    In this workshop, we will discuss our goals and values as sex-positive people, consider the goals and values of some dominant faith groups, and how we can better meet people of faith through shared language, values, and human experience. What works for some people may not work for others; what works for some religious groups may not work for others. We will examine some of the key interests of several major faith groups in the US from whom we are likely to get resistance to our efforts, and strategize ways to address that resistance effectively. We will discuss some basic language and tactics to help us to have constructive conversations between people of faith and sex activists. We will see where we can find common ground, and what strategies may prove helpful in different scenarios. We will also discuss some effective ways to disengage without offending the other party.

    Attendees will receive an information packet outlining the language and values of various faith communities and strategies to engage them.