Social Media and Feminist Ethics: #Activism and the Politics of Responsibility

Carol Queen, Lynn Comella, Raul Queue, Shira Tarrant #cconsocial CatalystCon West - 2014


  1. There’s increasing attention to the benefits and limits of using social media for online activism and communication. In this interactive panel we discuss the often productive, sometimes vexed, and occasionally divisive space of social media. From Facebook to Twitter (and even email), what ethical principles and rules of engagement would we ideally like to see? How can we engage in digital communication productively, with an eye toward enhancing dialogue about issues that matter to us, rather than silencing dissent or marginalizing differences? Is there a benefit to engaging with “trolls,” or is it simply an exercise in futility? We’ll discuss these and other issues regarding ethics, activism and social media, and brainstorm what principled rules of online engagement might look like.