Sex Road Warriors: Tips, Skills, & A Frank Discussion On What It Takes To Stay Sane When The Road IS Home

Eugene Hedlund, Monique Darling #cconroad CatalystCon East - March 16, 2014


  1. How many of you dream of being a full time Sex Educator traveling to distant cities, networking and developing close ties with different communities? Do you dream of sharing your passion and vision all over the country and world?! In this hour, Eugene and Monique will walk you through the logistics, pros and cons of this sexy nomad lifestyle. We will share with raw, vulnerable authenticity (and a sprinkle of wit!) our own experiences of putting everything in storage and daring to truly live our lives “as a teaching.” Let our research and development of life on the road give you a pathway to more ease and grace, if you too feel called to share your gifts in many places and for extended periods of time. We will offer road warrior tips such as How to:

    *Juggle relationships without having a “home base.”
    *Navigate clients that wish more ongoing work, when you won’t be back for another 6 months (Empowerment VS Enabling).
    *Get super clear on self care requirements, and ask for you what you need ahead of time from your hosts/producers
    *Establish networking circles, create healthy win/wins with hosts/producers of your events in each city
    *And The big one…How to prioritize your time, delegate to others, take time off to sight see, yet create a sustainable financial system for ongoing classes, workshops and sessions.