Sex in the Media: From Pitch to Print; What Does Sex Really Sell?

Steve Gustafson, N'Jaila Rhee, Sherri Shaulis #cconmedia CatalystCon East, Saturday, March 16, 2013


  1. Mainstream media outlets like CNN and Fox once limited coverage of sex to only a couple times a year, often associated with producing increased ratings during sweeps periods.  The sensationalized served more to shock than educate.  Now, thanks in part to media phenomenon like 50 Shades of Grey, sexually charged sitcoms, and the regular outpouring of celebrity sex tapes, sex is front and center in the media’s lens.  Public relations specialists and members of the mainstream and adult media weigh in on the increased exposure to sex in the news and whether it reflects a new American ideology or is still a ratings ploy.  What does sex really sell?  How should sex be pitched to media?  How does a writer pitch a story on sex to their editor?  What are the repercussions of sex in the media?  All the questions and more will be discussed by the expert panel.