Sex, Dating, Kink, and the ‘C’ Word

Charlie Nox, Kaitlyn Scalisi, Rebecca Hiles #cconkink CatalystCon West - 2014


  1. Cancer is one of the most commonly diagnosed diseases in our country and today’s survivors are living longer and fuller lives than ever before. For many, these lives include all sorts of sex and dating adventures. Unfortunately, sex is rarely discussed at any time during cancer care, often leaving survivors with questions, concerns, fear, and shame.

    In this panel, we’ll be discussing the common sexual side effects of cancer and its treatments, medical options for dealing with these effects, tips for navigating sex, dating, and relationships after a diagnosis, and how to address safety concerns for survivors who engage in kink. The panelists will draw from their experience in medicine, sex education, and as cancer survivors to provide an intimate look into changes that cancer brings and how to deal with them all! This panel is ideal for anyone dealing with a chronic illness, their partners, treatment providers who want to learn more about working with this growing population, and anyone who has felt out of place in or betrayed by their body.