Senior Sex: Lusting, Dating, and Mating

Joan Price #cconsenior CatalystCon West - 2014


  1. When Joan Price faces an audience or opens her email, she never knows what candid stories and intimate questions from people age 50-80+ are waiting for her. A medical issue that interferes with sexual enjoyment? Boredom with a partner? A partner’s indifference? Undependable erections? Decreased desire and slow arousal? The shock of being single again? Choosing a sex toy that works with arthritic wrists? Positions that work with hip replacement? Dealing with loss and grief? The trials and tribulations of dating at our age?

    Since Joan started writing and talking out loud about older-age sexuality in 2005, she has received hundreds of real-life stories and requests for information. Most are deeply moving pleas for help about issues that often are not shared with their doctors, therapists, or even life partners. Some are distressing. A few are hilarious — sometimes we just have to laugh about sex and aging.

    In “Senior Sex: Lusting, Dating, and Mating,” Joan shares what Boomers, seniors, and elders tell and ask her. She interweaves her own personal stories, from finding love in later life, to dealing with grief, learning how to date all over again, and re-emerging as a sexual being. For levity, Joan shares how she handles reporters who ask inane questions and men who insist on sending her penis pictures, and some of the oddest dating stories she’s been told. You don’t have to be a senior to learn from and enjoy this presentation!