Real to Reel Sex

Carol Queen, jessica drake #cconreal CatalystCon East - March 15, 2014


  1. Onscreen, porn or mainstream, is the way many people learn about sex–for better or for worse. In the absence of clear and pleasure-focused sex education, at least films provide visuals, though there’s a clear dichotomy between real sex and that which is constructed for the camera. Is sex as portrayed in adult movies really as fake as it’s often described? “Real” people just don’t do those freaky things–or do they? And if they do, did they learn it from more porn? A screen sex professional and a sexologist with more than a passing interest in porn discuss sex in the movies: the difference between on- and off-camera sex in porn AND mainstream cinema, the growing “porn made for women” genre, the rise of the anti-porn explicit movie, and much more.