Queering The Law: Important Issues Beyond Gay Marriage

Lauren Marie Fleming #cconlaw CatalsytCon East - March 15, 2014


  1. Does the multi-million dollar political fight for gay marriage matter to homeless queer youth? How does the right to marry affect a couple who are being kicked out of their apartment for being gay? Does the right to marry in California help a man fired from his job for being gay in Oklahoma? This interactive workshop, led by queer rights advocate and law school graduate, Lauren Marie Fleming, will explore the barriers facing LGBT people outside of the much publicized gay marriage debate and analyzes how that debate has pushed the queer community towards heteronormativity. From employment discrimination to pornography, school bullying to reproductive rights, polyamory to kink, the workshop will encourage attendees to look at the issues from a holistic perspective and view queer issues within the context of other forms of discrimination. Attendees will leave the workshop with a broad overview of the legal climate for LGBTQ people in the USA and active ways they can change that atmosphere.