Positively Negative: How a Sex Positive Framework Hinders the Fight for Sex Workers’ Rights

Lori Adorable #cconsw CatalystCon East - March 15, 2014


  1. How does approaching sex workers’ rights from a sex positive framework exclude the workers we should be advocating for first and foremost? This session will briefly cover the history of sex positive ideology and sex workers’ rights and examine how using the former to frame the latter enforces a particular politics of respectability. Through a discussion of the speaker’s own experiences and the experiences of several of her colleagues, Lori Adorable will address the strengths and limits of sex positivity in sex work discussions and look at the alternatives provided by a human rights/ workers’ rights approach. There will be a particular focus on the relationships between sex work and various areas of structural oppression and marginalization, as well as forms of interpersonal violence (e.g. disability, migration status, domestic violence, race, single motherhood, drug use, and cis/trans status.)