Parenting, Sex and Media

Airial Clark, Sinnamon Love, Krista Arendsen #cconparent CatalystCon West - September 28, 2013


  1. Dr. Carol Queen recently said the number one thing parents can do to raise sex-positive kids in a sex-negative world is to teach our children to be critical media consumers. Join bisexual artist and activist, Juba Kalamka, retired adult film star & fetish model, Sinnamon Love, the sex-positive parent herself, Airial Clark and moderator Krista Arendsen of Mama K Media for a discussion on how to raise kids who are both sex and media savvy. Being a sex-positive parent means we have to intercept larger cultural scripts that are inherently sex-negative with healthier messages that support a wider understanding of sexual behavior and sexual identity. From new tech to porn consumption to rape culture, we’re right there with you having these tough conversations with our children as we go. We will share our strategies for age-appropriate conversations about how sexuality and desire are represented in the media, how our intersecting identities as parents, as queer, as kinky, as non-monogamous, or as activists shape the media we make and how we use media to prompt discussions about sexuality and consent in our families.