Own Worst Enemy: Why Progressives and Sex-Positive Activists Struggle to Change People’s Minds

Dane Ballard #cconact CatalystCon West - September 28, 2013


  1. It’s hard to educate and enlighten people about the complicated issues in this world. You feel like you’re doing your part, blogging and speaking out on the issues wherever you can. But whether you realize it or not, you are being sabotaged at every turn by someone who misrepresents your message.

    All of your compelling evidence, all of your valid points, disregarded because there is a person who’s managed to make you seem ignorant, out of touch, even irrational. So who is this enemy? It’s You!

    We rarely approach the people whose minds we want to change, in ways designed specifically to reach them. Instead our approach is built around the ways WE see the world, a method that all but guarantees that our message will fail to “ring true” to its intended audience. We choose confrontational methods, we have unrealistic expectations, and let our outrage befoul our efforts to educate.

    In this presentation we will take a hard look at the ways we progressives sabotage our own messages. We will look at ways to approach important issues that work with (rather than against) human nature and find more effective ways to change people’s minds and encourage positive change in our society.