No Longer Voiceless: Telling the True Stories of Sex Work and Human Trafficking

Sabrina Morgan, Siouxsie Q, Serpent Libertine #cconvoice CatalystCon East - March 16, 2014

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  1. Sex trafficking has quickly overtaken sex addiction as the moral panic of our time. International media quote shocking statistics coupled with stories of abuse that range from needlessly lurid to heartbreaking. Many organizations have pushed for laws to combat human trafficking — and in the process have, often intentionally, expanded laws criminalizing consensual adult sex work. Sex-positive communities are conflicted: on the one hand, many of us have a strong commitment to bodily autonomy that includes sex work. On the other hand, many of us work daily to end sexual abuse and coercion. Yet others ask: If sex work and trafficking are considered identical, does sex trafficking even really exist? In this panel, a sex worker and activist, a sex workers’ rights advocate, a journalist and trafficking researcher, and the executive director of a non-profit that works with both sex workers and trafficking victims will share their stories about what trafficking in the United States really looks like. We’ll illuminate how the push toward increased targeting of the sex trades has been harmful to both trafficking victims and sex workers. Our panelists will also break down the tricky difference between survival sex work and trafficking as well as cover how we as sex and consent-positive allies can help both sex workers and trafficking victims as they strive for autonomy and safety.