Media Risks: Who Wins? - #cconmediarisks

CatalystCon Moderator: Adella; Speakers: Dusty Marie, Brian Gross, Sherri Shaulis, Gram Ponante


  1. 2012 has brought a phenomenal amount of media exposure to aspects of sexuality that are usually almost never touched, even by the most liberal of mainstream media outlets. This year alone, the astronomical sales of the book 50 Shades of Grey brought the discussion of kink in the bedroom to the pages of major daily and weekly publications across the US, and around the world.

    We have found that the media will try to sensationalize anything sex-related to boost their ratings. What is their purpose? Have the media finally seen the light, or is it just an attempt to increase rating, and revenue? Will we ever find a day in our country when the topic of sexuality won’t be seen as shocking, but as part of the lexicon of society? Join seasoned media gurus as they discuss how to use the mainstream media to your advantage, how best to minimize those risks involved with dealing with mainstream media, managing the aftermath, when you should say no and much more.