Material Matters

Alicia Relles, Coyote Amrich, Julie Stewart, Dr. Robert Morgan Lawrence #cconmaterial CatalystCon West - 2014


  1. In the past few years, the sex toy industry has seen more innovation & mainstream acceptance than all previous years combined. While a stronger grasp of design & functionality has been reached, an understanding of the materials they are made from seems to have become cloudy & full of misinformation. Materials have often been talked about, debated, & discussed but many of these conversations have focused around the notion of ‘toxicity’ rather than actual information about these materials & why they are used. What can contribute to people having sensitivities? Are all wood toys safe to use? What is elastomer? Is propylene glycol really antifreeze? Is there a difference between products made domestically vs overseas? As material misinformation continues to spread, it becomes clear that a stronger understanding of the reality of manufacturing & the reasoning behind particular material usage, must become part of the conversation. With decades of experience in the sex industry, our panel will discuss the history of how sex toys have been made, what materials have been used & what strides have been made in materials & manufacturing practices. We will discuss different products, some of the processes of manufacturing & how to be a more educated consumer, buyer, writer or sex educator.