Making Comprehensive Sex Education into Inclusive Sex Education

Darcy Allder, Quetzal Francois #cconsexed CatalystCon East, Saturday March 16, 2013


  1. The work of being an excellent educator starts well before you enter the classroom. In this session we will provide participants with information to become a well-rounded sex educator, meaning that your own background and biases do not affect your audience. Interactive exercises, personal reflections, and group discussions will be used to create a inviting and light hearted environment to open up a dialogue about bringing inclusive sex education to comprehensive sex education.

    Comprehensive sex education commonly excludes individuals from the trans, queer, kinky, intersex, differently abled and non-monogamous communities. We will explore methods of curriculum adaption and vocabulary alterations that create a sex education program better suited for all types of diverse audiences or classrooms. As a group, we will examine ways to create a de-stigmatized and sex-positive environment when educating people of all ages about STIs. Finally we will discuss age-appropriate language and how to answer difficult questions both in and out of classrooms settings. Participants will leave with tools that make altering vocabulary simple, so that any type of curriculum or enrollment form is more inclusive for many types of diverse audiences.