Language Matters: How to Speak Sex-Positivity So That People Listen

Marcia Baczynski #cconlanguage CatalystCon West - September 29, 2013

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  1. Those of us in the sex-positive world are passionate about talking about issues of desire, consent and safety. We know how to use inclusion-based language, and we’re ready to fight for a sex-positive world. So why is it so hard sometimes? In a word: Language. In a sex-negative world, we must bridge the gap to reach people where they’re at, and help them understand sexuality in positive, empowering terms that inspire them.

    In this session, we’ll explore questions such as: When the majority of the world is sex-negative — framing sexuality in terms of “danger” and “immorality” — how can our voices be heard? What language should you use when your people are dealing with shame and fear about being “found out?” How can you spread the word without alienating the very people you want to reach the most? By using language your clients, readers, listeners and constituents understand, you can reach a bigger audience, help more people, frame the debate and actually create a more sex-positive world.