It Starts in the Womb: Educating on Infant and Child Sexuality

Remi Newman, MA #cconwomb CatalystCon West - 2014


  1. In most cultures, there is a strong taboo around even discussing the topic of sexuality and children, but when taken out of cultural context, what could be more natural than an infant boy happily experiencing an erection, or a toddler laughing as she touches her vulva in the bath, or children playing a game of “You show me yours. I’ll show you mine.”

    Children are sexual beings. From the moment they are born, infants are learning about their bodies, learning how to love and who to trust. In other words, they are learning about sexuality, and their parents, whether they realize it or not, are their primary teachers.

    Yet rather than seeing themselves as sexuality educators for their kids, many parents see themselves as gatekeepers, not wanting their children to know too much too soon. Although studies have shown that teens who learn about sex from their parents are more likely to postpone first sexual intercourse and more likely to use protection when sexually active.

    It is important for parents to consider that they are their child’s first experience of love, both physical and emotional. This relationship lays the foundation for their child’s future intimate relationships.

    As sexuality educators, we have an incredibly important opportunity to educate parents, grandparents and other primary caregivers on how to raise sexually healthy kids. This workshop will provide tools on working with families and help us begin to imagine a world in which all children are raised to see their sexuality as healthy, important and amazing.