It’s In Your Mind: What Every Sexpert Needs to Know About Psychotherapy

Ms. Nina Grace Ruedas, Dr. Winston Wilde #cconmind CatalystCon West - 2014


  1. This session is designed to help sex educators, sex bloggers, and other sex workers to better understand the in’s-and-out’s of psychotherapy and sextherapy. We’ll discuss the DSM and how it’s been used against women and sexual minorities, and where we stand now with the new edition. We will explain some basic pathologies to be aware of, and some common terms that are often misused, such as: passive/aggressive, projection, neurotic. The speakers will shine light on areas that most shrinks mess-up with their clients, especially around sexualities. We will discuss gay and/or kink affirmative therapy, and sex-positive therapy. We welcome questions and discussion.