Getting In and Getting Out: An Exploration of the Beginning, Middle and End of Life in Porn

Christopher Daniel Zeischegg, Dylan Ryan #cconout CatalystCon West - 2014


  1. This mini-panel, made up of performers Danny Wylde and Dylan Ryan will explore the identity progression of individuals from their entrance into the adult industry, through their time as performers and into the shift out of performing and the complications associated re-assimilation into the mainstream workforce. Each stage of the timeline will be examined through the personal, and auto-ethnograpic experience of the presenters/performers as well as by looking at stories, writing, first-person accounts and research created by other current and former adult industry professionals. Additionally this talk will discuss both the positive and negative impacts that performing has on the identity of an individual, including but not limited to; sociological, emotional, psychological and intimate. It is our belief that this conversation, when set in the academic and professional environment of the Feminist Porn Conference will add to the growing corpus of work that seeks to illuminate porn and the interpersonal experiences of porn for a broad audience.