Flawless: Black Pride in Sexualized Communities & Labour

Akio Maroon, Chanell Heart, Cinnamon Maxxine, Tiny B. Hiney #cconblack CatalystCon West - 2014


  1. Marked by gender & race, black women and black genderqueer individuals are often faced with multiple challenges & factors when it comes to their work within sexualized communities and areas of labour, making their experiences unique. In this panel, we’ll hear from black women and genderqueers who will discuss their experiences in mainstream porn, burlesque, fetish communities, escorting, queer people of colour community building and more. Each panelist will bring their own unique voice and experiences to this topic, as well as an intersectional approach that encompasses fat body politics, class issues, femme politics, sexual orientation and more. This panel will also include examples from popular culture, live performance as well as allocated time for question and answer. Ultimately we’ll be exploring the questions; how are the experiences of black women and genderqueers in sexualized communities & labour different from non-racialized individuals and those who are from other people of colour communities? How can we make the sex-positive community more inclusive for black women and genderqueers? What are some of unique strategies that black women and genderqueers use when navigating sexualized communities and areas of work/sex work? What do we as black women and genderqueers mean by “flawless”? and how have we expressed and found black pride within these communities and areas of labor?