Fat Sex Works - #cconfatsex

CatalystCon Jolene Parton, Kelly Shibari, Kitty Stryker Sunday, September 16, 2012 9:00am-10:10am


  1. Curvy. Thick. Busty. BBW. Society has found a few acceptable ways to discuss an attraction to heavier female-presenting bodies without saying the taboo word “fat”. In a fatphobic world, it is difficult enough to feel sexy when cute underwear in your size costs twice as much as more petite versions — if you can find it at all. It’s even more difficult when you’re also a sex worker and your body seems like everybody’s business.

    In this session we’ll discuss how our physicality has positively and negatively affected our experiences in both the mainstream and indie sex industries; the impact that discomfort at fat, sexual bodies has on advertising and imagery; and how we navigate multiple marginalizations (race, class, ability, gender, etc.) within an objectifying environment. We’ll give feedback on how to be an ally to fat female-presenting people within sex work and other sexualized spaces, how to talk about our bodies without fetishizing us, and how to deal with negativity around having a body that’s both fat and unabashedly sexual. Come brainstorm with us ways to create a truly body-positive, sex positive community!