Fascinating and Frustrating: When Your Sex Work Becomes Your Sex Life

Amy Butcher, Eve Minax, Sinclair Sexsmith, TT Baum #cconwork CatalystCon West - 2014


  1. As sex positive professionals, sometimes what we do for work becomes the only sex we have. Whether you are the sex geek academic whose writing and teaching have taken the passion out of the physical act, the escort who must choose between lovers and clients, or the porn actor whose personal love making feels scripted, all of us experience these phenomena in one form or another.

    Also, most people, inside and outside of the sex industry, can assume that we as sex positive professionals are regularly having lots of great and easy sex. But this is not always the case. As much as we talk about sex, the sad thing is we rarely talk about how our work impacts our sex lives. How do we find balance between our professional scenes, and our private bedrooms and play-spaces? Who do we confide in when our partners just don’t understand? What do we do when our client boundaries get fuzzy as we forget that we need intimacy too? How has your sex life changed since you have become a sex professional?

    Join Eve Minax, Sinclair Sexsmith, Amy Butcher, and TTBaum as they bring this unspoken subject out into the light for dialogue, discussion and some creative problem solving!