Ex-Gay No Way! Practically Maneuvering Through the Rhetoric of “Reparative Therapy”

Dr. Jallen Rix #cconexgay CatalystCon East, Saturday March 16, 2013


  1. From Marcus Bachmann notorious Minnesota clinic to your local megachurch, misguided and poorly-trained counselors offer the promising of “fixing” LGBTQ youth. While California may soon become the first state to create a law that effectively bans Sex Orientation Conversion Efforts (SOCE) on LGBTQ youth, too often the media represents this therapy as a valid alternative for those questioning their orientations — or their families.Can we really “pray away the gay?” Sexologist Jallen Rix certainly tried, but nearly killed himself in the process. He has now emerged as one of the leading experts on helping people recover from the damaging effects of the ex-gay movement. Hear Dr. Rix’s story, learn to discern fact from fiction, and leave with the tools to give guidance on a healthy understanding of sexual orientation. With key information and education, reparative therapy can be taken off our societal landscape altogether.

    By the End of This Workshop:
    1. Participants will more comfortably communicate about the damaging effects of reparative therapy, which includes showing evidence that reparative therapy does not work and that it is often harmful to those coerced into these abusive environments.
    2. Participants will develop a number of positive options/tools to more effectively support individuals who are confused about their sexual/orientation.