Ex-Gay No Way! Practically Maneuvering Through the Rhetoric of "Reparative Therapy" - #cconexgay

CatalystCon Dr. Jallen Rix Saturday, September 15, 2012 12:00pm-1:10pm


  1. There are still many people who believe that sexual orientation is simply a matter of choice. The media often misrepresent “Reparative Therapy” as just another viable option for LGBTQ people and politically conservative groups use the ex-gay movement as their reasoning to not give sexual minorities equal rights. Meanwhile, the vast number of ex-gay survivors who have been harmed by these kind of “therapies” go unheard.

    Although California may soon pass Bill 1127 into law, effectively banning the use of so-called “Conversion Therapy” on LGBTQ youth, many people still believe that it is possible to “pray the gay away”. Sexologist Jallen Rix certainly tried, but nearly killed himself in the process. He has now emerged as one of the leading experts on helping people recover from the damaging effects of the ex-gay movement. Hear Dr. Rix’s story, learn to discern the fiction from the facts regarding “Reparative Therapy,” and learn to give guidance that supports a healthy understanding of sexual orientation.

  2. Sexologist, speaker, and author Dr. Jallen Rix is a Professor at Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. His book, Ex-Gay No Way: Survival and Recovery from Religious Abuse was nominated for best non-fiction book in 2010 by the Lambda Literary Foundation.