ECOSEX! Make the Earth Your Lover: Heat Up Your Sex Life as You Slow Global Warming

Annie Sprinkle, Phd, Kim Marks, Jennifer J. Reed, Joseph Kramer #cconeco CatalystCon West - 2014


  1. What is Ecosex? Our panel brings three ecosexual pioneers together to turn you on to the rapidly growing trends, practices, and disciplines of this emerging field. Learn how to incorporate ecosex into your bedroom, your life, and your work.

    Writer/activist Stefanie will present Earth, Eros & Your Body. Your love life may be dirty – but not always in a good way. From endocrine-disrupting chemicals in self-care products, to pesticide-laden, artery-clogging food, the American lifestyle isn’t just making you sick: it’s destroying your libido. Is vegan the new Viagra? Is hormonal birth control making you less horny – or giving you cancer? Where do you find sustainable condoms? Your sex life can be hot and holistic.

    Queer artist and sexologist Annie will share how imagining the Earth as a lover, instead of as a mother can create more love, pleasure and sexy fun. Learn 25 ways to make love to the Earth, find your E-spot, and have mind-expanding ecogasms.

    Environmental activist and ecosex toy expert Kim Marks will explain how the planet’s woes may also be lurking in your boudoir. What’s really in your lube and sex toys? Green sex doesn’t have to be vanilla sex; it can incorporate plenty of BDSM. Find out why are environmental activists are the new sex symbols and how caring for the Earth is hot!

    Ecosexuals can be queer, straight, asexual, and other – what we all share is a radical passion for planet Earth. By the end of this panel you may want to be an ecosexual too.