Creativity for Radicals - #cconradicals

CatalystCon Allison Moon Saturday, September 15, 2012 2:40pm-3:50pm


  1. All people have the capacity for creativity, yet it’s often treated as something “other” that belongs only to the eccentrics or those deigned worthy by the “muse.” Many people who have the drive and desire to create art are shut down by their personal struggles with self-worth, guilt, social location and “paralysis by analysis.” Creativity for Radicals explores the politics, privileges and identity issues endemic to creating art. In this interactive talk, Allison will deconstruct notions of “privilege guilt” into useful components for creativity, discuss the intersection between art and social justice, deconstruct activist skill-sets to turn them into useful tools for the creation process, and share methods for distilling passion from conflict to turn activism into relevant art.