CatalystCon West Closing Keynote Plenary Address: Afternoon Tea with Betty Dodson

Moderated by Carol Queen #cconCK CatalystCon East - March 16, 2014


  1. Perhaps no one has had a greater influence on the development of sex-positive feminism than Dr. Betty Dodson, from her early role talking about self-loving and women’s sexual pleasure to her workshops, books (including Sex For One) and videos.  She’s inspired generations of feminists and pleasure activists and mentored or advised many of the most significant voices in today’s sex-positive community. Meet the real Betty Dodson and hear how a transplanted gal from Kansas came to New York City in the 1950s to be a fine artist and became “the Mother of Masturbation”! Cultural sexologist Carol Queen, PhD, who considers Betty her own spiritual mother (or at least indispensable influence, sounding board and dear friend), interviews Dr. Dodson in an intimate and wide-ranging chat to close out CatalystCon with an inspirational bang, or at least a damned good hand job.