Cancer is My Wingman

Charlie Nox #cconcancer CatalystCon West - September 29, 2013


  1. Relationships, sex, and dating are complicated enough as it is, but what happens when you add cancer to the mix? For millions of cancer survivors, the results aren’t great. Most doctors don’t talk to their patients about their sexuality, even when their treatment may directly affect their sex lives and reproductive future. Cancer survivors finish treatment (or move to lifelong treatment) alive, but with often dramatically changed bodies and no tools for being sexy, sexual, and satisfied. Survivors face sexual dysfunction, body dysmorphia, fertility and libido problems, scars, surgery, early menopause, and other long-term cancer side effects. Our standard narratives about what “sexy” looks like and how sex is supposed to work ignores the reality that all of our bodies break down and malfunction some of the time.

    Join award winning dating coach and cancer survivor Charlie Nox at a look at the unique sexual and social needs of people with cancer. We will also look at what lessons everyone can learn from cancer patients about how to communicate, connect, and create an amazing dating life no matter what you’re dealing with. We’ll end by examining how difficult circumstances can be access points for deeply satisfying relationships and juicy sexual encounters.