But Wait, There’s More! Exploring the Intersection of Race, Class, Ability and Sexuality and Desire

Yoseñio V. Lewis, Xochiquetzal Duti Odinsdottir #cconmore CatalystCon West - Sunday, September 29, 2013


  1. They look so good and cause that familiar thump, thump, thump in your jeans. You want to do more than have casual chat with them…and then the fear comes up. What about the difference? Will they say no because of it? Will you shy away from asking or pleading because of it? What happens when desire bumps up against race, class and/or ability? Join us as we explore the intersections of race, class, ability and sexuality and desire.

    KA POW the notion that race has to be fetishized!
    PUNCH up the connection between desire and class!
    SPLAT the silent hunger between sexuality and ability!

    We want to have an exciting, thick, rich, pulsating conversation on the intersections of race, class, ability and desire and sexuality. Bring your questions, bring your desires, bring your address books! ALL are welcome!