“Beard, penis, toolbox”: Addressing heteronormativity and cis-sexism in scientific studies of sex and gender

Dr. Jamie F. Lawson #cconbeard CatalystCon East - March 15, 2014


  1. Scientific studies of sex, gender and sexuality tend to be dominated by discourses that are distinctly heteronormative, and often use methods which exclude or isolate queer and trans* people. This raises issues not only of social justice, but scientific accuracy. In this session, we’ll be investigating the extent of this issue with reference to several recently published studies of human sexuality and discussing ways of engaging with specialists who don’t understand why their approaches are problematic. This will lead to an introduction to my own study into gender identity: a cross cultural investigation of the ways in which cis-, trans*, genderqueer and “third gender” people arrange the expectations of society into individual gender constructions. I’ll present data from the UK-wing of the study, and discuss my plans for bringing the study to the US (and beyond!).