Bacchanalia Basics: It’s (Play) Party Time!

Cooper Beckett, Dylan Thomas, Ginger Bentham, and Miko Technogeisha #cconplay CatalystCon West - 2014


  1. They’re whispered about, opinions are drawn, expectations are high for both attendees and non. The sex party, the play party, the swinger party, call it what you will, to anyone who’s never been to one they conjure up visions of hedonistic abandon, or deeply creepy masked affairs. With so many people looking to explore their sexuality and needing a safe place to do so, play parties have value far beyond a whole bunch of naked people in a room. They can educate as well as titillate. The Life on the Swingset crew, a group known for their parties talk about the value of play parties, throwing them, and attending them, will delve into the concerns both logistically (how to arrange a bedroom so ten people can fit on the bed), ethically (consent, interaction with people, disclosures of sti status and relationship arrangements), and address how to deal with potential issues you may encounter, creeps, left out individuals, and levels of risk aware sex involvement. In this session they’ll be broken down from all sides, the academic idea behind them, throwing them, and attending them.