A Conversation with Anti-Establishment Sex Workers - #cconconvo

CatalystCon B., Geena Rogers, Patricia West Sunday, September 16, 2012 12:00pm-1:10pm


  1. Sex workers experience a wide range of realities, depending not only upon each individual’s background and levels of privilege, but also on varying factors in an individual’s daily life. While we can consistently rely on a host of privileges to benefit us, we also experience a vulnerability of losing these privileges without warning. There are also negative effects of these same privileges that typically go unmentioned.

    In this panel discussion, we will use this opportunity to address our “privileged status”: what this means on a daily basis, how we as activists can use this privilege to our advantage in our activist work and as a way to create solidarity with more marginalized and oppressed sex workers, and the problems and drawbacks that occur because of these same supposed privileges. We will discuss the goal of assimilation, and delve into the consequences and benefits.

    Some questions we will address are: How, as radical, sex-positive activists, can we best use our position in the broader community to our benefit, both politically and personally? What goals should sex workers and pleasure activists be working toward as a movement? How does assimilation affect our communities? Does it gain us rights or further marginalize the most marginalized members of our community? What are some of the drawbacks to our privileges, and how does being in a romanticized role potentially cause harm? We hope to bring light these key issues that frequently go unnoticed.