Adaptive Sex and Kink: How We Do What We Do With What We’ve Got To Do It With

Del Tashlin #cconadapt CatalystCon West - 2014


  1. This is a “Sex and Disabilities” class like none other! In an attempt to be inclusive, many conferences host one or more workshops on the intersection of sex and disability. However, those workshops are usually focused on educating nondisabled people about various disabilities, or how to create events/spaces that are welcoming and accessible. But a glance around the room shows that the people who show up are persons with various challenges wanting to learn and share tips and tricks on how sex/kink works for them. This is the workshop you’ve been looking for!

    Del is a sex educator and professional PWD (Pervert With Disabilities!). He has spoken to fellow disabled folks, sex toy companies, and occupational therapists to find ways people can enjoy sexual and kinky encounters not only in spite of, but because of their disabilities. He invites fellow PWDs – whether their disability is physical, developmental, cognitive, mental, emotional, or social – visible or invisible, as well as partners/lovers/admirers. If you have/use toys or props, bring them along for Show and Tell! Sex educators who want to expand their knowledge in order to have more inclusive workshops are also encouraged to attend.