CPS Adds 90 Minutes to School Day

Chicago Public Schools (CPS) throughout the city has announced they will be extending the school day for all ages. The additional two weeks and 90 minutes is geared towards extra instructional time, which is aimed at improving core education and enrichment activities.


  1. "A key component of a CPS longer school day will include instruction that incorporates the new Common Core State Standards, which will become the academic standard across Chicago in the 2012/2013 school year," said the press release that was handed out on Aug. 23, 2011. This will help increase the scores in CPSs, making them compatible to other schools scores in Illinois. Out of 405,000 students attending 675 schools, CPS had nearly eight percent of their students meet all four college-readiness requirements. It is crucial to raise their test scores. Increasing scores factors into college acceptance, and finding jobs once out of school.

  2. The additional 90 minutes also helps teachers prepare for their students. This will let teachers have more time to plan activities for their class as well as have one-on-one time with students who need to seek extra help. According to a recent survey that was done, 69 percent of teachers said they didn't have enough instructional time to adequately meet their students needs. 

  3. “Parent focus groups will also provide an opportunity for parents to voice their opinions on what types of instruction would benefit their children,” said the press release. Parents are directly affected by the lengthened school day. CPS has not forgot as they will be creating groups specifically to help parent’s talk about their concerns of what the longer day entails.