Sochi So Chic?

Problems at the Olympics in Sochi have almost become more popular than the games themselves thanks to social media invading the Internet. Whereas the issues concern accommodations or hospitality, they have caused a cascade of reactions over social networks. Take a look.


  1. Most pictures, videos and quotes show how shocked athletes and journalists are when arriving in their "hotels". It would seem that only internet journalism intensively focuses on Sochi's hospitality and accommodation issues. 
  2. The 2014 Winter Olympics: Sochi Problems
  3. Some of the problems are a bit more dangerous than others in or near the hotels. You could die from electrical shock or from a simple fall for these Olympic games.
  4. It is clear that Sochi wasn't quite ready to host international games this year. The hygiene and sanitation seems to be very poor and cause outrage and disgust in many people online.
  5. It would seem that hotel policies are not likeable either.
  6. Although Russia hasn't given the best accommodations for its guests, none can say that all of the guests have been entirely respectful either. Well, it's true that the American bobsledder Johnny Quinn didn't have a choice...
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  8. Mocking Sochi for its poor hospitality hasn't made everyone laugh. Some believe that many of the comments and posts linked to #SochiProblems are offensive and disrespectful. This sentence has been tweeted a couple of times... 
  9. Many tweeters have blamed America for its poor attitude towards their hosts. 
  10. Many people have realized that #SochiProblems has become too popular on the net, and that a focus on the actual games is needed.
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