Unmasking Invisible Illness: What Does Pain Look Like?

Stanford Medicine X 2014 breakout session panel discussion based on informal study by Carly Medosch, featuring Emily Bradley, Scott Strange, and Joe Riffe


  1. It was awesome to see ePatient Teigan arrive early and sit in the front, middle of the room. She also tweeted throughout the panel, which helped people at home to follow along. Her tweets added another level of unexpected value when we realized at the last minute that the room was not set up to allow Summer Plum to see or hear us. We had to MacGyver the heck out of this panel - I texted Summer questions, then switched the screen from PowerPoint to Skype, and a few microphones broke mid-session - but it worked.
  2. It turned out the main stage programming ran long, and people did eventually show up. #whew
  3. Teigan graciously allowed me to quote her reasons for not continuing to participate in the pain tracking/photo taking. She thought she "failed" me, but she provided a good example about limitations on self-tracking.
  4. When I was unable to purchase more of the tiny spoon pins I'd given out at MedX 2012, I resorted to stickers. I had several designs: "Spoonie," "What's your pain number?" "Invisible Illness," and the "This is what ____ looks like" shown above. I ordered 50, thinking I would have extras. They were all snapped up and I'm planning a reorder.
  5. (Cut to a shot of me refreshing YouTube 5 times a day to see if the video is up.)