Deadly Wind Hits Harrisburg IL

Severe weather early Feb. 29 brought death and destruction across a wide area in the Midwest. Here are accounts from one small community.


  1. Warnings started around 6 a.m.
  2. By early morning, a local woman, Ashley Thomas, had sent these photos of destruction.
  3. Dream Baskets is a local business that has already announced plans to rebuild.
  4. Another photo from Ashley Thomas shows the site of a shopping center.
  5. Other images of Harrisburg display the powerful forces of nature.
  6. A Weather Channel Storify shows the broader damage across several states
  7. The Springfield Journal-Register has updated staff reports from Harrisburg, which is roughly halfway between St. Louis and Nashville.
  8. A ribbon to remember 2/29/2012; a call for help and prayers
  9. The next day assessments from the government laid out the awesome power in raw numbers.
  10. The community mourned, sought solace and rallied.