E-commerce Tips for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Optimization tips for online retailers to deliver delightful customer experiences during the busiest shopping weekend of the year.


  1. The last weekend in November is the biggest shopping weekend of the year - hands down. We hosted a Twitter chat with online retail expert Linda Bustos and co-hosts, Get Elastic to learn what retailers can do to capitalize on this high-traffic time and optimize the customer experience.
  2. We asked eight questions in our conversation focused on a few key areas: marketing tactics, on-site optimization, and tips for effective A/B testing. Follow #optichat hashtag on Twitter to see the full conversation.
  3. 1. What are the most impactful marketing tactics to drive #BlackFriday sales?

  4. This holiday shopping weekend is a time to whip out all the stops, email, retargeting, social, promotions.

  5. 2. What is the biggest mistake you see online retailers making during holiday time?

  6. Retailers who underestimate traffic, especially mobile traffic, will be unpleasantly surprised this year. Plan for handling lots of traffic.

  7. 3. What’s the number one thing retailers can do to improve their site today?

  8. Make it fast. If it doesn't load, nothing else matters.