Capital Ideas 25: From Me to We: Growing Beyond Solopreneurship

This month we welcomed Katie Nedjelski, president of Girl Gotch, David Crosby, founder and CEO of Rosso Coffee Roasters and Lisa Gareau, founder of Candy Event Consulting and Moments Magazine to discuss the realities of being a solopreneur.


  1. We were ready to get back at it with our first event of 2017 and we had a packed house of eager entrepreneurs as well!
  2. Let's meet our panellists:
  3. Katie Nedjelski, president of Girl Gotch
    From trend-spotter to trend-setter, Katie has made a mark with her line of splashy, funky, darling and really really comfortable girls' underwear line. As a parent, entrepreneur, and general badass, Katie believes in a girl’s right to run, jump, kick, and cartwheel in a wedgie-free zone. Plus, a girl can only wear princess underwear for so long before she gets fed up. A self-described master multitasker with a competitive streak, Katie spent 15 years in the corporate world, where she learned a thing or two about life and business.
  4. David Crosby, founder and CEO of Rosso Coffee Roasters
    David, the visionary behind Rosso, dreamt of opening a quality­-driven, community-oriented café, and Rosso opened its doors in Ramsay in September 2007. David would spend those first six months working every aspect of the shop by himself. That is, until he hired his first employee in February the following year. Nine years later, Rosso has six shops in Calgary, and David travels to coffee countries around the world to purchase green coffee direct from producers and returns each year to harness and build on those relationships.
  5. Lisa Gareau, founder of Candy Event Consulting and Moments Magazine
    Lisa has created effective connection strategies and provided creative event support for a wide range of businesses and community organizations across Canada. Lisa works with her tenacious team and dynamic partners to provide coaching, workshops, and resources for anyone planning or promoting events for their business, organization, or group. Her fresh and fun resource, Moments Magazine, was launched in 2015 to celebrate DIY event planners and support them with helpful ideas and much needed inspiration.
  6. Katie started off by telling us a bit about her background and what prompted her to take her part-time business into a full-time venture.
  7. David inspired us all when he shared how he began his journey of opening a coffee shop. He worked night and day by himself for six months before hiring his first employee!