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Suddenly Sochi

In early February, Insight host Beth Ruyak had no idea she would be attending the Olympic Games in Sochi. Then her family gave her a birthday present like no other. Beth covered five previous Games as a reporter. Now she's there as a spectator. And she's sharing her adventure with us.


  1. Beth hosted the Feb. 21 Insight show from Sochi, which included an interview with gold medalist Maddie Bowman and a conversation with Maddie's family. 
  2. Maddie Bowman, of Tahoe, wins Gold!

  3. Thursday, February 20, Sochi, Russia

    Gold! Maddie Bowman echoed David Wise tonight in the brand new Olympic event of freeskiing half pipe. Maddie did her Cork 900, which is 2.5 rotations, making sure her head goes below her knees (so she's upside down). She does it from her right and her left, on each side of the halfpipe, and she's the only woman in the world doing that right now. Sierra At Tahoe has been Maddie's home course and there's a halfpipe on the way to the chairlift. It seems natural that she'd ski the pipe thousands of times in a childhood of snowy winters for fun. And that's where it seems her Olympic dream began. Except, skiing halfpipe wasn't even an event she could dream about. Same for 11 more events. Ski cross was first staged at Homewood in 1996 and took off in Europe. I'm surprised we only had one US athlete. But was told in the freestyle sports, more resources go to snowboarding, aerials, halfpipe etc. Does make me wonder about events of future Olympics. Maybe something new is starting right now.