Reaction to the Russian meteor reports

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  1. The post and video has been taken off FB, nothing on the news.... Whats going on in Russia? Meteor Shower?
  2. Meteor hit the earth! People is running scared. God is telling you something. Jesus is really Jesus is my Lord and He's Coming Again Very Soon. Ask for forgiveness, repent and see you in the Kingdom of the new heaven and the new earth. No joke. Real deal.
  3. On the day the once lowly Clippers vanquishes the once mighty Lakers, an meteor crashes into Earth. Coincidence?
  4. O holy crap! A meteor just hit Russia!! Maybe there are more in the wake of the big one creeping by tomorrow. 
  5. Armageddon star Bruce Willis makes movie set in Russia. Giant meteor crashes into Russia. Coincidence? I'm doubtful!