1. The last thing any man would expect as he's about to get down on bended knee is a goofy-looking guy to step in front of the camera and cement himself as a presence during that special moment. But that's what happened to one couple who recently shared their story -- and this hilarious picture -- on Reddit.

  2. Whether the photobomber did it on purpose or by accident (and looking at his face we'll accept that plea), the photo has been a sensation on Reddit, garnering more than 500 comments.

    Some of our favourites debated the merits of the Disney proposal. 


    A user named Overtly_Stealthy argued for a Jumbotron proposal:  "On the big screen is way better. You have attention on you and people can cheer for you and whatnot. But hardly anybody in this crowd even notices that this guy is trying to do something special, as shown by the guy in the way of the camera. Yes, they are most likely currently engaged and very happy, but the timing of the proposal could have been much more romantic and more conducive to a good photograph."  


    But stevenwalters didn't like it at all: "Its like proposing at Six Flags. "Hey babe, remember how I proposed to you before we ate funnel cakes?"

    With a little help from Photoshop, creative Reddit users had a lot of fun making this guy get in the way during other very important moments.
  3. Here he is ruining the photo of Lee Harvey Oswald being shot.
  4. imgur: the simple image sharer
    imgur: the simple image sharer
  5. And obscuring Mona Lisa's mischievous smile.
  6. At the moon landing.
  7. imgur: the simple image sharer
    imgur: the simple image sharer
  8. And the last supper.
  9. At Tiananmen Square.
  10. He was made to be an inconvenience in more modern moments too.
  11. Here he is shielding the public from Janet Jackson's exposed breast at the Super Bowl in 2004.
  12. And just today, ruining the first shots of the royal baby.
  13. (View more photos of this guy getting in the way here)
  14. Thankfully, the happy couple did get some other shots of their special moment.
    And if you're wondering, she said "yes".