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Meagan Simmons makes waves on Twitter

An attractive young woman arrested for drinking and driving almost three years ago is receiving marriage proposals from all over the Internet. After a user circulated her mugshot on Reddit this past weekend, the "attractive convict" meme was born.


  1. Meagan Simmons was arrested for a DUI in 2010. After her photo landed on Reddit by way of The Chive, the Attractive Convict meme was born. Throughout the weekend  Simmons received a barrage of marriage requests and, er, other proposals via Twitter. The Florida resident, who was never convicted in the case, took her sudden fame in stride Tweeting, "i think the pic is terrible honestly lol."
  2. Here are some of Simmons' responses.
  3. And if you're wondering what Simmons looks like more recently, here are some photos of her from Instagram