Amanda Knox's Biggest Battle: Will she be found guilty again? By Candace Dempsey

Amanda Knox's biggest battle began today in Rome, where she's appealing a 28.5 year murder sentence. Will Italy's Supreme Court uphold or annul convictions for Knox and ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito? We'll know Friday night. Failure will mean swift jailing for him, possible extradition for her.

  1. Victory! Amanda Knox celebrates her freedom in Seattle with her mother and step-father. To find out how and why she and Raffaele Sollecito were acquitted, keeping scrolling. I wrote Murder In Italy about this extraordinary case and have followed it for nearly 8 years. Even I was astonished! This truly is the story with 1,001 twists.
  2. Here's Raffaele, after the verdict, press conference in Rome.
  3. Wondering why Amanda and Raffaele were freed? Read what Raffaele's star lawyer told the judges. Powerful. "The errors in the (previous guilty) sentence, she said, “were of colossal proportions.”
  4. Not just "not guilty," but innocent. It's over, finito, basta, after eight longer years. Look at Amanda's face.
  5. Oggi Magazine in Italy did excellent investigative journalism on the Amanda Knox case. The Italian press tended to be pro guilt. This is a rare exception. Great work, my friends!
  6. Best rundown on an extraordinary day with a surprise ending. Amanda Knox acquitted! Raffaele Sollecito, her ex-boyfriend, acquitted! This is the end of the never-ending saga, the case with 1001 twists.
  7. Amanda speaks, after weeks of silence. Raffaele is home in Bari. His lawyer says he is surprised and happy.
  8. Lawyer: Amanda Knox Is Very Happy With Ruling
  9. Much needed comic relief after the verdict. Good one!
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