1. People are boycotting Twitter after the social media site temporarily suspended the account of actress Rose McGowan, who has been championing women to speak out about sexual harassment and assault. Twitter has been the target of criticism for years over rampant harassment against women that exists on the platform. Software engineer Kelly Ellis started the boycott idea:
  2. Following the multiple sexual harassment allegations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, McGowan has been a vocal voice on social media, advocating for victims.
  3. McGowan has been open about her own experiences in Hollywood, and Weinstein. Twitter suspended her account over what it called violations of terms of service. As the boycott hashtag picked up steam, celebrities, including Canadian-born Anna Paquin, joined in solidarity:
  4. Model Chrissy Teigen went into detail on her decision, saying that her boycott is not "because of hate" but because she knows that Twitter can improve:
  5. Some men in Hollywood also showed their support:
  6. Others have voiced the flaws in the boycott:
  7. Initially, Twitter did not explain its decision to suspend McGowan's account, but later posted this: