Tory online attack takes aim at Justin Trudeau

The Conservative Party of Canada launched an online effort on Monday devoted to attacking Justin Trudeau, the newly-minted leader of the Liberal Party.


  1. The digital attack uses both conventional web sites and social media. The web site:
  2. It appears the Tories have planned this for some time. The web site, according to a Whois lookup, was created on Mar. 22 and is registered to the CPC. 
  3. The Tories also created a companion Facebook page, which hosts the first video and a slew of comments. Many of those comments, though, are critical of the Conservatives' strategy.
  4. Comments on the Facebook page were mostly negative. One example: "Wow, that's just pathetic. Your "K.O" is a quote, taken out of context, made 14 years ago..."
  5. This video, posted on YouTube and hosted on the site, is at the heart of the social media response. On YouTube, comments are closed.
  6. Justin Trudeau — Experience — He's in way over his head.
  7. The segment of the above video where Trudeau discusses Quebec superiority is part of this lengthier CTV video:
  8. Huffington Post Canada is also crying foul, claiming "The video clip was taken from The Huffington Post Canada without permission. (HuffPost is making its concerns known to the Conservative Party.)"
  9. Twitter is awash with comments about the Tory attacks, most of it negative. Even some of Canada's heavyweight political pundits weighed in:
  10. Further to the "cheap shot" Martin refers to, the Canadian Liver Foundation re-iterated its gratitude for Trudeau's charity effort:
  11. But most comments came from the non-pundit class: