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Toronto votes - live coverage

Millions of people cast ballots in civic elections across Ontario today, but many eyes were on Toronto, where John Tory claimed the mayor's seat after a lengthy, dramatic and headline-filled campaign involving both politically active Ford brothers and left-leaning hopeful Olivia Chow.


  1. Social media had plenty to say about the mayoral results. First up, John Tory-related reaction. The victory was long-sought by the perennial candidate who had a resume long on business and civic experience, but short on politcal success:
  2. Next up: comments about the Brothers Ford. The brothers, among the most controversial and noteworthy figures in Canadian politics, are magnets for invective and praise at the same time. Doug finished second in the mayoralty race while brother Rob -- Toronto's current scandal-riven mayor -- won a council seat in Ward 2 while battling a rare form of cancer.