SkipTheDishes' apology to job seeker prompts Twitter users to dish out wrath


  1. Food delivery service SkipTheDishes is in hot water with people online after the company cancelled a job interview with a Winnipeg woman when she asked about pay and benefits. The woman posted screenshots of the cancellation email on Twitter. Her post went viral:
  2. Some people criticized the company or vowed to never use the delivery service again:
  3. After the internet outcry, SkipTheDishes apologized to the applicant through a Facebook instant message. The company posted a screenshot of the private message for all to see, which included her job history and Facebook photo:
  4. Some said that including the applicant's personal information made things worse:
  5. Others joked that the company's attempt to save face wasn't going too well:
  6. Some Twitter users thought the company's online apology fell short:
  7. Others agreed with the company and said they would not have hired the job applicant:
  8. It all led to a debate about when is the right time to ask about compensation: