1. Several videos circulating on social media show three officials dragging a screaming passenger off an overbooked United Airlines flight from Chicago to Louisville. In this video on Facebook, several passengers are heard screaming "Oh my God" and "look at what you did to him. This video posted to Twitter by another passenger shows a closer angle:
  2. Passengers on the plane said the man refused to leave his seat because he is a doctor who needed to get back to to see patients in the morning. Here's United's explanation on Twitter:
  3. The company told the Associated Press that employees were "following the right procedures" when they called the police, who dragged the man off the plane. It said four passengers were chosen at random when no volunteers agreed to leave the overbooked flight. The airline said it needed to boot the customers off the plane to make space for four employees.
  4. People online said the situation should've been handled much differently:
  5. Chicago's aviation department says one of its officers did not follow procedures and has been placed on leave.
  6. Many said they would boycott the airline:
  7. Some said the airline's apology fell short:
  8. But others said there might be more to the story: